The Brooklyn Experience is a book you’ll enjoy if you’re:

  • A tourist, from anywhere
  • A repeat visitor, whether from Manhattan, New Jersey or Singapore
  • A local resident interested in learning more about Brooklyn
  • An entrepreneur thinking of opening a business in Brooklyn
  • A former Brooklynite
  • A person thinking about moving your home or work to Brooklyn
  • A New Yorker
  • Parents who want to explore Brooklyn’s great attractions with kids
  • Someone coming to Brooklyn for a sporting event at Barclays, a show at BAM, or a party, who wants to explore
  • A parent or grandparent visiting family in Brooklyn
  • Involved in buying, selling or renting real estate
  • A collector of New York City travel books, memorabilia and history, urban history
  • A graduate of Brooklyn College, Brooklyn Law School, Pratt, Brooklyn Polytechnic, Brooklyn Friends, Packer, Poly Prep, CCNY campuses in Brooklyn, and other educational institutions in the borough

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